Making business beautiful

When the Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce approached us about their website, they brought us an opportunity to contribute to the core of their mission while delivering a website that would stand tall among its peers. It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

Bartlesville Chamber Homepage
The new Bartlesville Chamber homepage features an open, uncluttered design that gives emphasis to the most important upcoming events and news items.

The Chamber’s Goals

The Chamber had several goals:

  1. an improved design — more beautiful, less cluttered, easier to use
  2. a responsive design — adapting dynamically to tablets and phones
  3. a content overhaul — eliminating outdated and redundant content
  4. a better content management system (CMS) — giving them control over the future of their content
  5. third-party database integration — integrating and enhancing the Chamber’s member directory (managed via Weblink)
  6. an events calendar system — giving users convenient access to Chamber events and community events
  7. an advertising management system — enabling the Chamber to manage banner ads and highlight sponsors

These goals directly impacted the Chamber’s mission, and its bottom line:

  • delivering value to members
  • attracting new members
  • securing advertising and sponsorship dollars

Our Approach

We’ve built our business around providing beautiful, fully responsive websites equipped with user-friendly content management systems. This much was easy.

As for the rest of the plan:

  • We researched the Chamber’s online environment to ensure our proposed design would meet and exceed the expectations of the Chamber’s audiences.
  • We helped the Chamber staff craft a clear and coherent content strategy, supporting their mission and business goals.
  • We inventoried the site’s current content, eliminated outdated and redundant copy, and worked with the Chamber to replace it with clear, focused, updated messaging.
  • We worked directly with the third-party database provider (Weblink) to ensure we could extend the new design to the online member directory.
  • We implemented a robust and beautiful event calendar system.
  • We integrated a powerful system for managing ads and sponsorships.

We think the result turned out well.


We helped articulate why membership in the Bartlesville Chamber is helpful and worthwhile.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.35.23 PM


We displayed the many important partners of the Bartlesville Chamber in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.35.10 PM



Finally, we developed an interactive calendar to give users an easily accessible overview of upcoming events in the community.

Chamber Calendar Screenshot
The new chamber calendar highlights event category by color. An event gives a short description when hovered, and more detailed description when clicked.

Go see the website!